Welcome again and thank you for checking out Simple Apps Without Ads.

Should you like any of the apps there are appreciated ways of also supporting the developer of them.

Consider for example praising the apps on Google Play and liking the Facebook page.

One Orange Pixel

Coffee is so important to the developer that outdoor quality stickers featuring Shamisen and One Orange Pixel are available as a special thank you to sponsors of a cup of coffee.

Shamisen Stickers

Contact the developer with regard to a donation you have made and with your shipping address anytime.

Thank you!

Simple and retro cursor and pixel shirts of timeless style are currently available for purchase through the good people at Spreadshirt who charge almost all of their price though.

Whatever you could and would like to contribute as a supporter is certainly appreciated very much.

Greetings from Austria and Donkschea (Thank You)!

Bernhard Hoffmann

Chief of SAWA