Ready Cursor One

Simple and easy to figure out on your own.

Are you ready?

Should you be interested in everything about it though check out the following details too.

Guide the orange cursor over the screen and score by picking up the gray ones.

Orange Cursor One is always on the move and you can tap anywhere on the left or right half of the screen to make it turn in another direction.

Avoid the sharp edges of the screen and other colored cursors that can show up over time.

You can stay in any phase of the game for as long as you can and like.

Once another and stationary orange cursor shows up you can pick that one up to get to the next phase of a stage anytime.

After making it to the final phase of a stage all of the other around moving cursors turn gray and you can crush them.

Although the game starts out at a very slow and sort of meditative speed it does get faster of course with each stage eventually challenging your reaction speed and situational awareness to their limits.

Game Over

* Coffee Station and Briefing Room *

Obviously that is one and the same and on the wall of fame there you can see your automatically saved highest and latest scores anytime.

You can also start the game at different speeds from there once you have at least once reached the associated stages.

Since the app is for free and comes without ads any coffee donations are very welcome and appreciated for sure and you can get cool stickers too.

So thank you and I hope you can enjoy this simple game.

* Colorful Retro Style *

Once again the app design sort of hails from the wonderful home computers of the 80s.

Cursor and color palette are those of the original Amstrad CPC series.

All of these 27 colors can show up in the game and they are the combinations of 3 values only per color channel with the RedGreenBlues at zero or half or full intensities.



(Arcade pixel art graphic by Zanorin / CC BY-SA 4.0)