Simple And Retro


Welcome to Simple and Retro App Specifications.

Simple And Retro is an ongoing compilation of just little things.

Simple functionalities and games you might also find useful or fun.

Obviously the user interface is a tribute to super home computers of the 80s and of timeless style.


So after a sophisticated LOGON screen there so far are the following sections and contents.


Several of your favorite ‘servers’ aka weblinks can be noted here to show up as a simple list and on the edit servers screen you can also customise a quite efficient additional feature.


Allows for setting a solid color as the wallpaper background of your phone be it classic white or battery saving black or any other of 27 splendid colors.


Cursor Drums and two other soundboards also featuring funny scary and very relaxing sounds for meditation or going to sleep.


Of course ‘GAMES’ refers to models, simulations and games which have tactical and strategic applications.


+ Colors +

Color palette is of the Amstrad CPC as also featured in the Good Text Images app and in general terms these are the combinations of 3 values only per color channel with the Red, Green and Blue at zero or half or full intensities.

Simple gifts featuring those colors are available too.

+ Help Logon +

One could try pressing a finger near a corner of the screen for at least 3 seconds . . . 😉

– EOF –